Anne Storno


Anne Storno is a young printmaker and mixed media artist based in London.

Her visual language embraces the brightness of Pop Art and the dreamworld of Surrealism.

Anne relies on photography, drawing, paint and collage to explore the world around her.
Images are combined, removed from their Original narrative context and reconfigured into a new scenario.

This serie is based on collages , transformed into a handmade screenprint.

Anne likes the screen printing media because it is no longer confined to a simple impression on paper : it offers
the artist a way to experiment and fail, test colour relationships and play with ideas.

Inspiration is found in Anne’s surroundings : colours, lines, shapes and patterns that can be found in cities, design and  fashion and try to find humour in day to day life.

This Antwerp limited edition – of only 10 –  has been especially designed for Nassau 42 Fine Arts and is available this summer.



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