Jacques Demortier alias Djack had a sudden urge to change radically direction after having exercised his profession of anesthesiologist . He attended courses of architecture at La Cambre and worked with Joseph Wauters , a master blacksmith who introduced him to the work of metal. Even if he tried other materials, metal suit him perfectly. The values that it transmits through his work are those of the movement, balance and Nature. These works are essentially the parts to be put outdoors in the open garden, in the middle of the nature setting .Its mission is to elicit an emotion with a line or set of lines. The artist does not create a form. He created a multi-dimensional play in a natural setting. It is the spectator who discovered its form according to the angle under which he sees. Turning around it, the form evolves as a text in an esoteric language which takes place under his eyes, according to its reading key that it is clean. Depending on the angle, the piece takes another form, another dimension. It expresses something else.The richness of emotional lines is accentuated by the games of shadows thrown on the ground, at the discretion of the position of the Sun in the sky. Djack loves playing with the duality between the massif and lightness, the gross appearance of the metal and the fineness of the lines, the coldness of the material and the warmth of color… Her basic training instilled him a relentless rigour. Even if he gives free rein to his creativity, each piece is meticulously analyzed, each piece must meet specific criteria regarding \\\’unstable balance\\\’, the purity of forms. Another feature unique to his past: his workshop is tidy, everything is in its place in order. Each space to its function: cutting, bending, Assembly, analysis. This space is necessary to give all the power you want in the lines it creates.

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