Ann Kelly

South African by birth, Ann Kelly spent a year in the Atelier Corlin in Paris before studying Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.
Her home today is in Lyon, France, having lived in both Hong Kong and Sydney previously and having travelled extensively in French Polynesia.
Fascinated by the quality of colour stimulated by twenty years of work as a chromotherapist, her decision to dedicate herself to painting deepened.
Ann expresses her inner self through the emotional and spiritual  impact of colour, with the intention of elevating and inspiring her viewers.

Artistic Process

This is an invite to engage in a personal and intimate dialogue with the artists’ paintings, allowing for freedom in the reading of the paintings.
The colours, textures and shapes of Ann’s paintings create both a physical and an emotional response.
The large format allows one to be immersed  in the colour rays,the paintings are portals, windows, allowing access to this other dimension.
Colour is a universal language accessible to all who wish to engage.

The circle is a universal symbol, feminine, open, representing evolution as a never ending cycle of transformation, no beginning and no end,  eternity.
The circle-tondo form is whole, perfect, representing the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness and all cyclic spinning movement, be it an inner  spin
or the  movement of the planets in spa

Artworks in the gallery