Alex Rennie


Show Port of Art VII

Alex Rennie was born in London in 1977.

He has exhibited widely, both internationally and domestically, including a solo Cork Street show with Waterhouse & Dodd. Rennie’s work has been selected for several competitions including the John Moores painting prize, the BP portrait prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, the Lynn Painter- Stainers prize and the ING Discerning eye exhibitions.

About the Cargo Project

Most of the goods we consume travel between continents on huge vessels laden with container boxes>;
When enough of us click on something we want, an order is triggered and a box is loaded onto a container ship far away.

The hovering and floating boxes in Rennie’s paintings represent the increasing control and choice we have over the things we desire and the control they have over us through targeted digital marketing and algorithms.

Alex Rennie also like to reference the re-appropriation of containers as after countless voyages across the globe, they often begin new lives – as homes, hotels or hospital wings; bars, offices and restaurants.

In some pieces, you can imagine a future where these monoliths continue to tread the oceans long after the flora and fauna have disappeared – saved for posterity in flickering holographic projections.

Alex Rennie use these tropes to ask the viewer to consider their place in a wonderous, digitised consumer age balanced against the environmental impact of mechanised global trade.


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