Gavin Mitchell


Breaking through the Fourth Wall

A collection of work that uses the concept of breaking through the imaginary ‘Fourth Wall’ using contrasting imagery and blurred boundaries that persuades the audience they are looking at a homogeneous image.

The images are assembled from found material; vintage postcards and old western film stills all reflecting distinctive cultural identities and utopian ideals.


How the West Was Won uses a collection of found vintage B-Movie film stills as the inspiration for this collection.

Typically American Westerns portrayed the conquest of the wilderness and the subordination of nature in the name of civilization.

In a broader sense this theme is a metaphor for the role the US has subsequently played on the world stage both politically and culturally.


Artist Statement.

Mixing up  describes the style of Gavin’s work.
The human and material landscape is where  Gavin’s is drawing his inspiration, captured through his own photography or found in the environment in which he lives and the world he travels through.
There is all around us a limitless source of cultural references that enthuse, intrigue and excite.

The artistic challenge is to reimagine our ordinary and elevate it to something extraordinary.
The artist is always striving to find ways of adding visual layers to the imagery.

Mitchell likes to employ different mediums and explore different techniques in an effort to create original and thought provoking works of art.

…‘we must be prepared for a journey of discovery, we must start without any preconceptions; most of all we must be open to the beauties of fortuity. Here more than anywhere else these beauties, wandering and extravagant, obligingly enrich our fantasy’



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