Giuliano Gaigher


The personal artistic way of Giuliano Gaigher (Treviglio , 1964) describes a development, both technic and communicative.
On the technical side, Gaigher’s fascination for material is always really present in his productions.

His works in casting glass are exceptional and apart in style and materials employed, evidence of special light and color games.
Every single piece is a personal message.

In the first scultures it is witnessed by glass textures , later it is revealed by the suspension of the forms in the space through metallic webs ; more recently it expresses itself in a polimateric fusion into which different fors and materials are mixed as the final result of a long aesthetic research.

It is possible to describe this evolution like a journey from culture to nature.
Culture is the product of the artist : here he can appear and to be valued.
Nature is a partially already built reality, needing to be actualized by the artist himself : as Aristoteles said, the artist has to develop what is already existing inside the material. That is the art of discovery, as a maieutic act.

On the communication side, after his first more figurative (even if ‘geometrical’) works, Gaigher is refining his language : it becomes
evocative, centred on the role of imagination whose symbolic aim is feed and close the meaning.






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