Mirna Sisul


Mirna is born in Rijeka, Croatia and is a young emerging artist.


The work of Mirna Sišul is characterized by a very strong colour scheme. Canvas and hardboard are used as the painting surface on which the author creates several picture planes with multiple layers of paint.

The result of experience and talent is the mastery of métier. The way Mirna combines colours is dictated by her feelings, abandoning the old school rules

The colour is seen as a physical, optical, psychophysical and pictorial phenomenon. According to physics, objects are deprived of colour but when the light shines on their surface the objects will, in accordance with their molecular structure, absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others, which we see as colours.


The focal point of Mirna’s paintings is the drawing, the line which borders coloured surfaces creating recognisable shapes from reality. Closed shapes of tree tops, balloons, umbrellas, squares and circles strongly associate with unbridled child imagination, joyful play and satisfaction with creating. Looking at these vivacious paintings we can easily imagine the author relaxedly singing and creating while listening to her favourite music.

The process of creation, from the formation of the idea to its materialisation, is the process where rational actions, which were done with the deepest concentration, submit to permanent inuitive criticism and corrections.

In her work Mirna skillfully uses the elements of coincidence, allows colour layers to unhamperedly diffuse and leak, she lets the material uses its own language contributing to general impression of spontaneity and flaunting easiness. Lines, dots, white, yellow, red, black stains of paint, various gestural interventions are the elements that open up to numerous associations. We are able to recognise them as rain, grass, dew, landscape, big archaic forms and countless other variations which each spectator, inspired by their own memory bases, finds, sees, anticipates and discovers differently.

White surface with framed fields appears flat and is in direct confrontation with the colour scheme of those isolated painted fields in which hues and colour layers with refraction of light and shade create tonal compositions of colour prespectives, thus making the perceptible illusion of the third dimension. The framing of the picture contributes to its general dynamics, leads us to explore possible connections among the smaller images. Whenever we approach this polyptich we discover something new, as if the picture itself changes depending on our present mood.

Mirna’s work regularly consists of simple and comprehensible text which essentially does not convey any message, actually, it sometimes completes its content by emphasizing its certain segment or the painting as a whole. Moreover, the text often exists as a reflection of the author’s current mood, whether it is a quotation from some song which she has just heard ,or just a word which relates to something that has occupied her attention at that moment.

The art of Mirna Sišul is simple and intelligible, with harmoniuos colour scheme and cheerful playfulness. Her sincere approach to artistic creation and unquestionable artistic value have been confirmed through art criticism and fondness of the audience.

It seems like, with all her optimism, Mirna wants to point out that we live in a wonderful world, full of beauty and serenity … the beauty lies in a grain of dust, drop of water, thrown paper, pile of garbage and as far as our eyes can see … this is the only world we have and we are lucky to be its guests.



Mirna’s work is part of many public and private collections round the world.

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