Ruth Mulvie


Summer Show 2019

Ruth Mulvie is a contemporary fine artist, known for her vivid palette and for the delightfully unexpected detail in her paintings.
She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and over the years comparisons have been made with Hockney.

Ruth cherishes that visceral connection that Kodachrome TM gives us with our past.
That single moment frozen in time that oe can look at forever.
Old photographs are ther initial inspiration for each new piece ; a digital springboard atop which she dives into her latest delicious fantasy landscape.

Mulvie’s colour choices yell and fizz.
They quicken the heartbeat.
Sherbet yellow next to candy pink or lime green besides turquoise, they all elevate the mood.

At the heart of Mulvie’s pieces is the palpable joyfulness in het response to colour;
She is at her happiest when mixing and combining paint, waiting for the thrill of the perfect shade.

For her, colour is emotion, colour is memory, colour s het favourite place to be.

And we are all invited.
Now this summer @ Nassau 42 Fine Arts


Artworks in the gallery