Vic Jobé


Vic Jobé is a young, wild and free artist from Liège (Belgium).
He studied art at the academy of Saint Lucas and had a few residencies in Dubai and Italy.

Colours and traits are his specialty through symbolic and abstract figures.
He will not put himself into one category, as he transmits his my ideas around different styles : from portraits inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and graffiti.
For Vic the purpose of his creativity is never harmony but chaos.

And then a miracle happens, everything falls in his place and we are looking at this complete picture.
Vic does not like to work on one painting only as he juggle around with different projects using difference materials going from spray cans to classic oil and acrylic.
He also used different materials in his broad creativity.

The serie HIGH LIGHT is solely dedicated for the city of Antwerp.

Discover the world of this young and emerging artist and dig into your own mind to find the meanings…
Now on show in Antwerp.

Artworks in the gallery