Cosmic Cowboy

Meet Chrissie and Stevie, mother and daughter and in every sense Cosmic Cowboys.

Cosmic Cowboy is the alternate universe that makes conformits shake in their boots.
That’s the point.
If everyone likes what you are doing, you are probably doing something wrong.
The Cosmic Cowboys believe in being crazy, stupid and brilliantly brave.

Both artists have been inspired by the great Pop Art Gods of the 20th century but created their own world and signature.
The artists welcome you to their cosmos, where paint flows in full-spectrum color and thick doodle lines.
Here, symbolic characters take centre stage in vibrant and multidimensional pop art collages.

The canvas and objects are their playground and this crazy world acts as their muse.

Stevie and Chrissie , a Dutch-Flemish combination live and work in London.

Artworks in the gallery