Nassau 42 Fine Arts explicitly aims to welcome visitors who have little prior knowledge of fine arts.

                                                                              The twofold goal of the gallery is to make art more accessible to the visitor, and to provide a platform for up-and-coming artists.                                                                                    “The art world can seem quite intimidating, even elitist to many people. We want to change this perspective.”

We want people to discover something new each time they come in, and like to help them find their way in the often confusing art world.

We want art collectors and visitors to discover not only what is trendy but also artistically valuable.

“A lot of artists make incredible work, but struggle to be able to show it.
We want to give them that platform, that is why we do not work with a set of artists over and over again but be able to show each time new emerging artists, national and internationally.

This concept is very dynamic both for us, the clients and art collectors.