Gisèle Zanellato


Gisèle Zanellato is an unusual artist.
Her work consists of a modern approach. She creates scenes by juxtaposing images to create new 3D realities freed from rules and logic.

Gisèle Zanellato was born in 1960. She lives and works in Mons, Belgium. After having studied at the School of Fine Arts of Mons in the Printed Art section, she was the artistic counselor of a textile printing business for 25 years. In 2014, her artistic career took another direction when she focused on collage and cut-out techniques in a 3D environment.

She creates scenes where images from different sources like paintings, tapestries, pieces of architecture and photographs are intertwined without apparent logic to reconstruct a unique world. These unexpected combinations with a hint of derision lead us in a surrealistic and fantastic universe with an accessible visual vocabulary. Each artwork hypnotizes the spectator to take him in a journey to the heart of the artist’s imagination.

Artworks in the gallery