Lynette Reed

Lynette Reed is an American abstract painter based in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Born in 1962, Lynette’s career began as a model and took her from her home in California to New York City and around the world on photo and commercial shoots.

She attended Parsons School of Design in NYC for ceramics before venturing into the world of fragrance and founding one of the largest candle companies in the USA. Art was never far from her mind, and it was her belief that one day, she would return to the creative process.

That day came in February of 2020 when visiting her partner in Italy, Covid struck, and she was unable to return home. Turning to art to keep her mind from fear, she began to paint, and since then it has become a daily way of life.

Lynette now has a studio in the historic center of Bassano del Grappa, where a cannon ball fired by Napoleon’s army is lodged in the wall of the building next door. While currently being surrounded by the beauty of Italy, Lynette has also found her past years in NYC in the 80’s, and time living in Tokyo, Milan and Zurich have greatly inspired her and found their way into her paintings, often described as energetic, dynamic, spirited, bold, and always colorful.

Lynette believes her work reflects all that she is and more, her experiences of a full life, the ups the downs, the joys, and the struggles.

Her works have featured in the London Art Biennale and are in collections around the globe.